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The NPO Asian Institute of Low Carbon Design (AILCD) is pleased to invite students and young architects aged under 35 from all over the world to take part in the 13th AILCD International Architecture Design Competition.
The theme of this year is “High School Design for Kharkiv, Ukraine”.
The competition addresses the problem of post-war Ukrainian urban planning in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The competition asks the students and young architects to re-design a destroyed educational building and its surrounding area in Kharkiv.
The topic of the competition is to create a high-quality modern lyceum considering the modern requirements of urbanism, comfort, and accessibility within the conditions of a historically formed city environment. It is required to search for the best solution of a high-quality urban composition and an original architectural design of a modern educational complex of the lyceum, in relation with the surroundings, access to the adjacent streets, on the same site of the destroyed lyceum.

Competition Site
Kharkiv Lyceum No. 46 of the Kharkiv City Council, Kharkiv (Ukraine)

NPO Asian Institute of Low Carbon Design, The University of Kitakyushu (Japan)

High School Design for Kharkiv, Ukraine